VLT Membership

The Very Little Theatre is run by its Members, and has been since its founding in March, 1929. Members are the backbone of the organization, responsible for everything from choosing the plays we present to electing our board of directors, from build sets and costumes to greeting our audiences on the nights of performances, and creating the policies that keep us all feeling welcome and safe. We have fun making theatre. Please consider joining us.

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The Very Little Theatre rewards Members for their active participation with:

  • The right to vote annually for members of the VLT Board of Directors, and the opportunity to run for a position on the Board of Directors
  • The right to vote on play selection
  • Discounts on tickets
  • Listing in the VLT directory
  • Invitations to VLT events
  • Access to the VLT newsletter
  • Discount on the use of VLT facilities
  • And the artistic and social rewards of the collaborative art of theatre

Requirements to apply for and maintain membership are: 

  • Volunteer time in at least three activities each season in support of theater operations
  • Attend Membership Meetings as possible (there are 6-8 throughout the season)
  • Pay annual dues of $20

Members are also invited to serve on committees that coordinate and organize the practical running of the theatre. Learn what it takes to produce a play, organize ushers, sell tickets, and generally keep the theatre going. A little taste of Mickey and Judy saying, “I’ve got a barn…”

Please consider submitting an application, along with a letter describing your reasons for applying.

Are you a VLT member trying to access the membership pages?

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