About Us

About Very Little Theatre: Creating Extraordinary Theatrical Experiences

At Very Little Theatre, we believe in the power of community and the magic of theatre. Our nonprofit theatre company is dedicated to bringing captivating performances to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned actor or a newcomer, aged 5 or 105, we welcome you with open arms. We foster a warm and inclusive environment that encourages everyone to audition and be a part of the creative process.Programs

Our Programs

  1. Our Production Season
    Experience the thrill of live theatre year-round with our diverse and captivating 7-production season. At Very Little Theatre, we offer an array of plays and musicals in both our main stage (195 seats) and stage left (77 seats) spaces. From timeless classics to cutting-edge contemporary works, our productions showcase a variety of genres, themes, and artistic expressions.
  2. Minority Voices Theatre
    Creating a Sense of Belonging Fostering understanding through diverse staged readings, providing opportunities for participation from local minority and marginalized communities.
  3. illioo Native Theatre: Celebrating Indigenous Voices Shining a spotlight on indigenous playwrights, we amplify Native voices, stories, and experiences through thought-provoking productions.
  4. No Script Society: The Art of Improv
    Discover the joy of on-the-spot storytelling and laughter with our talented improv group, embracing spontaneity and creative exploration.
  5. Readers Theatre Performers:
    Performing for Seniors Bringing live performance magic to senior centers, our volunteer actors entertain with skits, stories, poems, and more.

Get Involved!

At Very Little Theatre, we value the active participation of our community. There are several ways to become a part of our vibrant theatre family:

  1. Actors: Attend our auditions and workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-timer, we encourage everyone to audition and showcase their talents.
  2. Theatre Crew: If you have a passion for the technical aspects of theatre, join our esteemed crew. From lighting to set design, there’s a place for your skills and enthusiasm.
  3. Volunteers: Embrace the thrill of live theatre by becoming a volunteer. We welcome diverse individuals willing to contribute their talents to front-of-house, marketing, event planning, backstage support, or administrative roles.
  4. Membership: Join our vibrant theatre community by becoming a member. Enjoy voting rights, play selection involvement, discounts, invitations to events, and more.
  5. Support Our Programs: If you’re unable to participate directly, consider supporting our programs through donations. Your contribution helps us continue creating exceptional theatrical experiences.

Why Join Our Theatre Family

  1. Be Part of Something Extraordinary: You’ll play an integral role in creating unforgettable performances that touch the hearts of our audiences.
  2. Learn and Grow: Gain valuable skills in technical theatre, teamwork, and problem-solving that extend beyond the stage.
  3. Forge Lifelong Friendships: Join a warm and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the arts.
  4. Contribute to Artistic Expression: Your dedication will contribute to the success of each production and the artistic legacy of our theatre.

Get Involved Today: Fill out the contact form and let us know your interests and skills. We’ll connect you with the right opportunities and welcome you into the magic that happens both on and off the stage. Whether you’re an actor, a volunteer, or a donor, you play a vital role in making theatre experiences extraordinary. Together, let’s continue to create lasting memories through the art of theatre!