Stories from the Helix

Runs Dec 10, 2023

MVT@theVLT is proud to partner with Wordcrafters in Eugene to bring local stories to life

Stories from the Helix

Sunday, December 10 at 1pm

At VLT in the intimate Stage Left

For the past several years, Wordcrafters in Eugene has been coordinating StoryHelix, a collection of local stories, told by local people, about local lives – stories that make us who we are, as individuals and as a community. MVT and Wordcrafters in Eugene will select a cross-section of these stories and bring them life through theatre, music, and dance.

We hope you’ll join us on December 10th. To learn more about StoryHelix and how you can add your DNA to our community story, click here.

Tickets will be Pay-What-You-Will – $0-$25

1:00PM, Sunday, December 10, 2023