Join The Crew

Join the Spotlight: Get Involved in Theatre Crew Positions!

Welcome to our vibrant theater community! If you’re passionate about the magic that happens behind the curtains and want to be an essential part of bringing plays and musicals to life, we invite you to join our esteemed crew. Our theater relies on the dedication and skills of talented individuals like you to create unforgettable performances. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a budding enthusiast, there’s a crew position waiting for you. Dive into the world of lighting, sound design, operating spotlights, tech crew, builders, and more!

Lighting Team: Illuminate the Stage

Are you fascinated by the interplay of lights and shadows? The lighting team is responsible for setting the mood and atmosphere on stage. As a lighting technician, you’ll work closely with directors and designers to create breathtaking visual effects that enhance the performance. No prior experience is necessary, as we provide training for those eager to learn.

Sound Design and Operators: Set the Stage’s Acoustic Ambience

If you have an ear for sound and love to work with cutting-edge audio equipment, then the sound department is perfect for you. Sound operators manage the mixing boards during shows, ensuring that actors’ voices and musical accompaniments sound crystal clear. Join our sound design team to create captivating auditory experiences that captivate the audience.

Spotlight Operators: Put the Spotlight on Talent

As a spotlight operator, you have the power to direct the audience’s focus to the stars of the show. This crucial role requires precision and timing, and you’ll work closely with the lighting team to coordinate unforgettable spotlight moments.

Tech Crew: Backstage Wizards

Tech crew members are the unsung heroes behind the scenes. From scene changes and prop management to quick fixes and troubleshooting, the tech crew ensures smooth performances. If you thrive in a dynamic environment and love being hands-on, this is the team for you.

Builders and Set Designers: Bring Imaginations to Life

Do you have a knack for craftsmanship and design? The builders and set designers construct the physical worlds in which our plays and musicals unfold. Working with various materials and collaborating with artistic minds, you’ll be instrumental in creating the captivating backdrop for our productions.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Attend Auditions and Workshops: Keep an eye on our website for audition announcements and workshops. It’s a great way to meet fellow theater enthusiasts and discover crew opportunities.
  2. Volunteer and Internships: We welcome volunteers and offer internships to those eager to learn and gain hands-on experience. Volunteering is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the theater’s operations and potentially transition to crew positions.
  3. Reach Out to Us: If you’re interested in joining a specific crew or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our crew coordinators. We’re always excited to welcome new members to our theater family.
  4. Networking Events: Attend theater-related events and engage with professionals in the field. Networking can lead to valuable connections and open doors to crew opportunities.

Why Join Our Crew?

  1. Be Part of Something Extraordinary: You’ll be an integral part of creating unforgettable performances that touch the hearts of our audiences.
  2. Learn and Grow: Gain valuable skills in technical theater, teamwork, and problem-solving that extend beyond the stage.
  3. Forge Lifelong Friendships: Join a warm and supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the arts.
  4. Contribute to Artistic Expression: Your talent and dedication will contribute to the success of each production and the artistic legacy of our theater.

Come, be a part of the magic that happens backstage. Join our crew, and together, let’s create extraordinary theatrical experiences that will be remembered for years to come! Ready to get involved? Fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll connect you with the right people!