Board Members + Staff

The VLT has been a big part of my life for the past 34 years, and I am striving to help reorganize the theater so that it will continue to bring opportunities and entertainment to everyone in the Eugene area for many years to come.

Tim Tendick, President


Jeff Weinkauf, Vice President

Very Little Theatre is the kind of community theatre in which I want to invest; a community theatre not only concerned about the story but about the people telling the story.

Amy Weinkauf, Secretary

VLT is a wonderful theatre home, a place where I can be creative and satisfy my passion for telling and sharing stories, in the company of other creative people.

Carol Dennis, Treasurer

For fun and excitement, there is nothing like creating art with your friends. I was so lucky to find this place and these people, and it’s my pleasure to do what I can to help it be around for others to find and enjoy in years to come.

Dave Smith, At Large

Live theatre is a collaborative multi-faceted art form that includes the audience in its making.  As a community theatre, VLT has a place for everyone’s unique contribution to the magic that happens on stage, where it all comes together.  Come on in!

Larry Fried, At Large

The Very Little Theater is a home and family to me. The impact that this theater can have on the Eugene arts community is immeasurable. I am proud to be a part of widening our reach to all people in our community and showing the truly amazing power of theater to bring us together.

Leslie Murray, At Large

As a member of the board of directors, I am committed to a theatre that is an inclusive, diverse, and warm community dedicated to quality performances, and that inspires creativity and imagination and makes contributions that foster the arts. That is the Very Little Theatre.

Stan Coleman, At Large

Dreams can come true at The Very Little Theatre! Lane County is blessed to have a thriving community theatre like VLT, with its venerable reputation as a place where creative individuals are encouraged to collaborate, learn and work to DO THEIR ART! Everything about VLT — the supportive artistic family, the historic, revitalized building and the enthusiastic audiences — is a gift. It deserves to be treasured and supported.

Paul Rhoden, At Large

I believe live theatre is the closest we can come to experiencing real magic in the world. The VLT is the place where I am able to contribute and share in that creation of magic and joy with others.

Adrienne West, General Manager