One of the best parts of being a part of Very Little Theatre is that we encourage everyone to audition. If you’ve never been in a show, or been in a hundred… if you’re 5 or 105… we want to see you. Very Little Theatre is a community place, and we want you! Below you’ll find information about upcoming auditions (we’ll post them as they come up). Have questions? Contact


Side Man
Written by Warren Leight
Directed by Carol Dennis
Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21
1pm – 4pm each day

Rehearsals begin September 23, and we run three weekends beginning November 8.

Cast includes:
1 male presenting character who ages from 20 – 30 years old – any race or ethnicity
4 male presenting characters who age from 30 – 60 years old – any race or ethnicity
2 female presenting characters who age from 25 – 55 years old – any race or ethnicity

All the characters are crusty New Yorkers trying to make it in the big city, except for one of the women who begins as a naive immigrant until disillusion sets in. She speaks with an Italian accent.

Please prepare and memorized a one-minute dramatic monologue. This can be from any play,
poem, or book.

THE STORY: Flashing back and forth between 1953 and 1985, this lovely and poignant memory
play unfolds through the eyes of Clifford, the only son of Gene, an almost famous jazz trumpet
player, and Terry, a young immigrant woman swept up into Gene’s world of drugs and alcohol.
Alternating between their New York City apartment and a smoke-filled music club, Clifford
narrates the story of his broken family, trying to make sense of it all, finally finding his way to

For more information, please contact Carol Dennis at