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The 2022-2023 Season

The Show must Go On

Virtual Little Theatre

VLT’s Virtual Little Theatre was born out of necessity during the Covid shutdown. When it became clear that in-person performances would not be impossible for an extended period of time, the actors, directors, and writers at VLT started looking for a creative outlet. VLT member, Russell Dyball, sent out the idea of creating online content that could be presented through the VLT YouTube channel, and people jumped at the chance.

These theatre folks learned Zoom, and how to adapt to performing in a 2-inch square, as opposed to a full stage. Writers wrote for the new medium, directors created new ways for characters to relate to each other while not even in the same room, and in one instance, not even in the same country. And it turned out that some of VLT’s technical crew were experienced videographers, and more stylized productions could be made.

Our loyal audience was there with us, leaving notes on YouTube that they were delighted to see some of their favorite actors – like a visit with an old friend.

Even though VLT is now able to have in-person performances again, we will be keeping the Virtual Little Theater going, expanding the possibilities for creative outlets and VLT’s reach beyond our local audiences.

Melanie Moser and Hillary Ferguson in Rose Tree
Kari Bolden Welch in Beneath The Floorboards, Within The Walls
Melanie Moser and Hillary Ferguson in Rose Tree with the Virtual Little Theatre

Minority Voices Theatre

MVT is proud to produce a weekend with illioo Native Theatre as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Klamath River fish kill with a reading of the play Salmon is Everything by Theresa May in collaboration with the Klamath Theatre Project.
The play follows the story of three families on the Klamath River during the drought, salmon crisis, and devastating fish kill of 2002. Its message about the kinship among salmon, people and the land is as relevant today – for all great rivers in the Pacific Northwest — as it was 20 years ago.

September 23-25

Tickets Go On Sale September 5, 2022