January 20 - February 5

Tickets On Sale: january 2, 2023

A Lesson Before Dying (2023)

Jefferson, an innocent young Black man, is condemned to death in backwoods Louisiana in 1948. At the trial his lawyer, trying to save his life, called him no more a human being than a hog.
In prison, he acts like one, insisting that he will be dragged like that hog to his death in the electric chair. His godmother asks a struggling schoolteacher to teach him to die like a man. The teacher, Grant Wiggins, faces both Jefferson and himself as execution day arrives.
Ernest J. Gaines’ celebrated novel makes an engrossing, moving and deeply important play.

The Very Little Theatre rewards Members for their active participation with: 

  • The right to vote annually for members of the VLT Board of Directors, and the opportunity to run for a position on the Board of Directors
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Requirements to apply for and maintain membership are: 

  • Volunteer time in at least three activities each season in support of theater operations
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  • Pay annual dues of $20


Members are also invited to serve on committees that coordinate and organize the practical running of the theatre. Learn what it takes to produce a play, organize ushers, sell tickets, and generally keep the theatre going. A little taste of Mickey and Judy saying, “I’ve got a barn…”

Please consider submitting an application, along with a letter describing your reasons for applying.

Minority Voices Theatre

MVT is proud to produce a weekend with illioo Native Theatre as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Klamath River fish kill with a reading of the play Salmon is Everything by Theresa May in collaboration with the Klamath Theatre Project.
The play follows the story of three families on the Klamath River during the drought, salmon crisis, and devastating fish kill of 2002. Its message about the kinship among salmon, people and the land is as relevant today – for all great rivers in the Pacific Northwest — as it was 20 years ago.

September 23-25

Tickets Go On Sale September 5, 2022